Wednesday, 3 April 2019

Activities & Attractions: A Guide To Palm Jumeirah Trip

Dubai is known for its awe-inspiring architecture and record-breaking wonders and there is no dearth
of such amazing attractions in the Emirate. One such attraction that stands out among the rest is the
iconic and intriguing Palm Jumeirah that is equally popular among both locals and visitors. Home to
a lot of shops, restaurants, hotels, and top-of-the-line beach clubs, your trip to Palm Jumeirah must
be filled with some of the most exciting activities. Let’s have a look at a few options you must not
miss out on.
1.Dubai Palm Cruise Tour

Enjoy the impeccable views of Dubai’s man made island, Palm Jumeirah, on your one-hour guided
journey as you cruise along the island. All the landmarks will be explained by your dedicated tour
guide and you’ll know the magnificent architecture of the island more closely. The tour starts at
West Marina and takes you around that inner circle as well as the fronds of the man made palm.
2. A Trip To Aqua venture Water park

‘Atlantis The Palm’ – one of the best luxury resorts in Dubai – brings a jaw dropping attraction in Aqua
venture Water park. The water park brings all sorts of amazing water thrills and you should make sure
that you’re ready to enjoy everything on offer with your swimming gear. Speed down those water
slides, have some rejuvenation in lazy river, and let your kids take age-appropriate slides and rides.
There is something for everybody in the family.
3.Take Stand-Up Paddle-board Lessons From SeaYou
SeaYou watersports brings one-of-a-kind experience to all those water-sports lovers. This delightful option brings you the ultimate fun outdoors as you’ll be viewing through Palm Jumeirah’s crystal blue waters while balancing on a huge paddle board.
The lessons usually include 15-minute tutorials on the beach covering safety as well as basic paddle
boarding techniques like board handling, turning, and balancing. Afterwards, you can indulge into a
paddle session that spans over 1 hour and 15 minutes.
4.Take A  Kayaking Tour Of The Palm Jumeirah
Image result for Kayaking Tour Of The Palm Jumeirah
Another one from the SeaYou water sports, this one's for you if you are not much interested in
paddle boarding. Challenge the rolling waves of the beautiful Persian Gulf and have a relaxing
couple of hours on this tour as you explore the crystal clear waters of the sea.
The tour also brings amazing views of those amazing landmarks on the Palm as you glide past
the 5-star luxury Sofitel and also look through the homes and villas on East Crescent. The tour
also gives you a perfect view of the city’s skyscrapers including the exotic Burj Al Arab.
5.Lost Chambers Aquarium

This one takes you back to Atlantis The Palm – Dubai’s luxury resort. Experience the legend of Atlantis
the lost city like never before. The aquarium brings you plenty of interesting shipwrecks and marine
life. There are underwater passageways that will take you to 10 themed chambers.
You’ll explore thousands of amazing aquatic species from different types of fish to exclusive plant life.
There’s a Myth Tour every hour that is so delightful for everyone in the family. It tells you about
Atlantis’ citizens and their lifestyle, culture, and technology. Make sure that you don’t miss out
on the Aquatheatre Show either. It’s amazing to see scuba divers do some live feedings as they
come close to a variety of beautiful aquatic animals.
So, when you are on your vacation in Dubai, make sure that you visit the man made archipelago
the Palm Jumeirah. And, once you’re there, it pays to delve into all these wonderful activities and
attractions listed above along with some breathtaking luxury villas for you to buy.

Tuesday, 2 April 2019

The Most Expensive Villa In Palm Jumeirah

Palm Jumeirah is known to be the most expensive and most sought after address in Dubai and it is home to plenty of attractions that you may not be able to find anywhere else in the Emirate. Whether it’s the property investors or the expat homeowners, everyone loves the place for its beauty, exclusiveness, lifestyle and some of the most beautiful properties available on the man made archipelago.

The Palm Jumeirah is also known for some of the most expensive properties as well. The island is home to some of the rarest ‘Tip Villas’ as well which are known for their luxury features, high-end facilities, and highest price tags. Here we have brought you the best, most expensive villa in this prime location of Dubai. Let’s see what it has to offer.

The Most Expensive Villa In Palm Jumeirah
This beautiful, luxurious and high end-villa located in Palm Jumeirah spans over an expansive
46000 sq. ft. of land. The villa boasts 11 bedrooms, an expansive private beach, and its own nightclub
and cinema. Located, literally, on the tip of the luxury property market of Dubai, it really is on
top of the list when it comes to most expensive properties sold on the iconic Palm Island ever
with its asking price going as high as $60m which amounts to DHS 219m.
Why Such A Hefty Price Tag?
Many would ask why the villa is priced so high. Well, such a hefty price tag associated with this luxury
property is partly due to the prime location it enjoys at the tip of a front on this man made island
in Dubai. To be honest,it is really hard to find Tip villas these days and that too in such a

prime location such as palm jumeirah. If you talk about Palm Jumeirah, every frond has just one tip

andthat means there are only a few.such properties available on the island. So, the homeowners

for such properties are the very prestigious few with a discerning eye for details. Besides, the villa
takes pride in being one ofthe largest residential properties available on the island as it spans over
60000 sq. ft. of land. This certainly makes for the most high-end lifestyle for the residents of this
prime property.
Top Amenities And Features
Completed back in 2007, this Tip Villa on the island brings a lot of top-of-the-line amenities and
features.It’s tailor-made for entertainment with a nightclub and 16-seat cinema on site. The nightclub
has the capacity to accommodate around 200 people at the same time.
The villa offers 11 bedrooms, 4 living areas, and 16 bathrooms and they’re all boutique-hotel grade
So, you can really expect a high-end living experience here. Some other features also include
the indoor swimming pool, an extended garage that can accommodate 6 luxury cars at a time,
and a complete chef’s kitchen that offers staff accommodation as well.

The property has also got approval for private jetty and it will be added to the property soon as well.

You’d understand that it’s something really hard to come by in a place like Dubai. The property has
grabbed many eyes and many HNWIs have shown their interest in sealing the deal. Securing the best
deals in the property market is more about timing and the right person going for it at the right time

will surely be able to grab this high-end property whether for family or for profit. Nevertheless, it’s
surely going to add great value to the lifestyle of its owner.

Apart from looking for these wonderful properties one can also enjoy
various activities in plam jumeirah
which will five you an unforgettable experience!